What’s your ONE thing?

What is the one activity, hobby, or interest that the bulk of your time and extra money go toward?


If you said sewing, crafting or quilting – you’d be correct!

My quilting skills have certainly improved since retirement. I’ve had the time and energy to take classes, watch YouTube videos and practice, practice and practice!

Today, I took a Walking Foot Wonders class with Christa Watson. My quilt guild invited her to be this month’s special guest teacher and lecturer. I’ve anticipated this class for months. It was so worth it! I can straight line quilt and do basic diagonal cross-hatching just fine. I get hung up on more decorative designs using my walking foot. Even on my smaller “travel” machine, I tackled wavy lines, “organic” cross-hatching, angular designs and spirals. I’ll soon be putting my new found skills to work with a wavy spiral quilting design on a charity quilt. I’ll be using my Janome 8900 for that to take advantage of the 11″ of throat space.

Christa Watson will be teaching at several events over the next year, including QuiltCon 2024 in Raleigh, NC. I highly recommend taking one of her classes if you can.

Now, it’s time for dinner!