Giving back – volunteering at the local library

I volunteer at the Smyrna Library. I READ with Sadie, help with library maintenance and now plan/lead selected ‘Tween and Teen Craft Nights. I typically do sewing/STEM related maker activities. April is National Card & Letter Writing Month. This month, I worked with Miss Amy to do fabric postcards with the ‘tweens. We’ll be doing this activity with the teens, too!

This is a great scrap-buster project that requires a minimal amount of supplies.

Fabric scraps
Peltex (#71 – one sided fusible)
Permanent glue sticks (super important if doing like we did and not stitching the front of the card)
Postcard template of your choice. We used one provided by TinkerLabs.
Iron & pressing surface
Sewing machine with zigzag stitch and black polyester thread.
A6 or A7 envelopes

1. Print out postcard template on cardstock. Trim designs to 4″x6″ and set aside.

2. Trim blank cardstock into several 4″x6″ rectangles. You will need 1 per fabric postcard plus 2 extras.

3. Trim Peltex into 4″x6″ rectangles. You will need 1 per fabric postcard.

4. Fuse Peltex (bumpy side) to one side of cardstock. I use a dry iron on a cotton setting. Cover the cardstock with a blank card to protect it. Iron on cardstock side for 10-15 seconds. Repeat if necessary. Allow to cool.

5. Apply fabric scraps in a collage or improv style to the cardstock side (not the fuzzy side). Tip: decide layout before applying glue stick to your fabrics. Be generous with the glue. Extend your design beyond the edges of the card. Press fabric scraps firmly to surface using your fingers.*

6. Quickly heat set the glue by covering front with a card and running over it with a hot, dry iron for about 5 seconds. Allow to cool and trim to 4″x6″ using rotary cutter and mat.

7. Select postcard and gluestick it to the back of your project. Heat set the glue following procedure in step 6.

8. Stitch around outer edge of postcard using zigzag stitch on sewing machine. Ours were set for widest zigzag (5-7mm) with a stitch length of 0.5 (not quite a satin stitch). I dropped the upper tension to 2.5. Sew around the outer edge 2x. Adjust the stitch length to 0.4 or 0.6 as necessary on the second time around to provide desired coverage.

9. Trim loose threads and touch up with a black Sharpie marker around the edges as needed.

10. Admire your creation and snap a picture.

11. Write a note on the card, place it in the envelope and mail to someone one to brighten their day!

* You can quilt/decorative stitch the front of the postcard at this point, if desired.