Happy Easter!

Spring break is this week, so I offered a bonus CraftLAB session on Wednesday afternoon. Both girls were on time and their parents were very thankful for a fun activity the girls could look forward to over Easter break. Yes, we made stuffed bunnies – a favorite quick project I drafted in 2017 for a kid’s class at Stitch N Quilt.

The girls selected fabric, trims and eyes for their glam bunnies. I had them make their pompom tails while I cut out the pattern. This is actually a good project for students to learn how to cut out a pattern. If we’d had more time, I would’ve had them do it. The girls are much more independent now with their sewing. All I have to do is monitor and reteach/redirect when necessary. Like me, stuffing is definitely not their favorite part of the process! About an hour later, the girls left with their bunnies.

Here’s feedback I received from their parents:

“Thank you Teresa! The bunnies came out so cute, and C had so much fun with you.”

“Awesome. Thanks for all you are pouring in her and C.”

The dynamic duo hard at work.
An updated sample for 2023.
The original glam bunny!

May you have a peaceful and blessed Easter or Passover.

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