OSQE – Atlanta

OSQE is the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo. Shows are held in various cities around the lower 48 states from March through October every year. Some variation of the March show has been an Atlanta staple since the mid-1990s. COVID literally shut the OSQE down mid-show in 2020 when everything went into lockdown mode that Friday. A lite version of the show returned last year. This year was definitely back to normal. Lots of vendors and lots of people SHOPPING!

Classes are offered at the Expo. It’s been a while since I’ve taken any classes offered through them. As a beginning sewist, I found the classes helpful. Not so much as my skills progressed. Instead of class, it felt as if I’d paid to sit through a sales presentation because the teacher was promoting her products so heavily during class time.

For once, I actually got to attend on opening day. Thanks retirement! I met up with some crafty friends at the Expo. It was a nice way to spend the day. I ran into a former library colleague who served as an advisor when I went though the national board certified teacher process in 2006 – 2007. She retired many years ago, but now volunteers as a regional coordinator with Sew Powerful. She was in their booth at the Expo. I learned about the program and will see if it’s something I can incorporate as a service learning project for my more advanced sewing students.

Besides meeting up with my friends, I also went to the Expo to learn more about the Easy Piecing Grid from Ten Sisters Handicraft. Two reasons: (1) I found 2 grid panels and a project sheet in my stash (retreat swag) and (2) I registered for a class taught by Carmen Geddes at Mountain QuiltFest on this very same topic. Ms. Geddes was actually in a booth showcasing the Easy Piecing Grid products and answering questions. She confirmed that a 1/4″ foot is necessary – preferably a foot without the guide. It does not matter if the foot is clear like a Little Foot or all metal. I inquired about this because I’d read conflicting information in handouts for various classes featuring the Easy Piecing Grid. This also narrows down which machine I need to take with me to Mountain QuiltFest.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the displays, window shopping, product demos and listening to various lectures in the presentation areas. Despite the excellent shopportunity, I purchased very little at the Expo. I spent less than $20 on a couple of hard-to-find small notions I needed (and finished off the balance of a VISA gift card in the process).