Keep at it until you find the right solution!

Bye-bye Bendable Bright Light! This dimmable LED kit purchased from Amazon fits my needs so much better. It’s about $10 and I only used 1 section of the light strip because I needed additional lighting over the needle area only. Of course, this would be a non-issue if sewing machine manufacturers would just install brighter lighting when the machines are made.

Why all the fuss? I teach with this machine and students complained the Bendable Bright Light got in their way. The on/off button was also not working. I tried the new set-up out at my Friday Sew with Friends Day. Sweet! Plenty of light and the switch is easily accessible/dimmable to the desired amount of light. No more intense beam and glare like we had before. The kids should be happy. I know I am. This small hack now makes this sewing machine a true contender for air travel. The Elnita EC30 is a more versatile machine – and only about an inch wider than my Elna STAR. This means it’ll fit in the same rolling tote that I take on the plane.

Here’s how I affixed the wiring and on/off switch across the back of the machine. Power button is easily accessible and wiring is out of the way.

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  1. Will do! Am also updating post to include a picture of the wiring and on/off switch along the back of the sewing machine.

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