Need to learn a new app or software program?

Besides YouTube, there’s Linked-In Learning (formerly that’s probably available for FREE courtesy of your local public library.

One of my goals is to convert some of my kid’s class tutorials/projects into sellable pdf patterns. I did have one printed pattern sell through in a local quilt shop, but wanted something a little more professional looking. A quilt pattern designer offered pre-made templates in Canva. I purchased a set several months ago and finally got around to looking at them. Good instruction with the templates, but I needed a little more help with Canva – it had been a while since I last used the application.

Located a Canva for quilters class offered online. Price was okay, but I thought I would check with Linked-In Learning before I spent money on another class. The course outline for both courses was very similar. I chose to start with the least expensive option. One hour and 7 minutes later, I’d completed a professional learning module on Canva- complete with an official certificate of completion. No charge to me. Thanks to my library card.

I learned exactly what I needed to. Think I’ll try this with InDesign sometime soon.