After-Christmas exhale

Celebrating the holidays this year was very different. Our work schedules used to limit the time we had available to spend with our extended, far flung families during the holiday season. This year, the celebrations spanned a 10 day period as we were invited (and expected) to attend all sorts of events. While great to spend time with everyone, I was so thankful to be able to celebrate a low-key Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with hubby and the dog at home. Today (Boxing Day), I saw hubby off on a mission with Team Rubicon. Thankfully, the annual tradition of down time for me the week between Christmas and New Year’s continues.

I can now finally exhale.

Today will be nothing more than napping, reading and picking up a late lunch from Panera Bread. There MIGHT be some quilting going on today, too. I have some blocks to make for the Scrappiness is Happiness QAL. I also need to prep for the virtual NYE Mystery QAL I decided to do with Stitchin’ Heaven and Craftsy. Never participated in a mystery quilt before. Thought this would be a fun way to try it out.

I’m also itching to put Miss Carmella (my Singer 301A) to the test. The plan was to put her away until the Sew Purty 301 Workshop sometime next spring. I couldn’t wait. She’s had a mini-facial, oil, grease and a bit of dis-assembly to figure out her tension issues. Turns out, she was missing a piece of her tension unit. I “borrowed” the missing piece from one of my FWs. Problem solved. OMG, she now sews like a dream! Thanks to AndyTube and Sewing Machine Rehab channels on YouTube for sharing what they do about the Singer 301 machines.

Now, to see if I can locate a replacement part for the tension assembly, so I don’t have to purchase an entirely new tension unit.