Six months into retirement

Yesterday, two pieces of mail sparked a conversation: (1) the monthly COBRA insurance bill and (2) pre-approval letters from Anthem for the scans that hubs will have done after Thanksgiving. We both remarked how grateful we are for our current health insurance coverage. Hubs wisely observed that without it and COBRA continuation coverage provisions, we’d both still be working (or at least I would be). Very true.

Six months in, I can say that my personal money fears have eased considerably. Despite inflation and a tumultuous stock market, we’ve been able to do what we want to do and still keep (mostly) within budget. Giving myself permission to actually spend the money we’d specifically saved for retirement was harder than I anticipated. Thankfully, I’m over that, now!

Daily social interactions and problem solving/business challenges are two things we miss most about the workaday world. Volunteering provides many opportunities for social interaction and to utilize your specific skill set. You’ll definitely have to try some different volunteer stints before you find one that’s a good fit.

We do know a move away from the ATL is in our future. As much as we love our home, neighbors and our proximity to literally everything, we quickly realized we don’t need this much house nor do we need to be close to the ATL airport since hubby is no longer a road warrior. Our once suburban area is now definitely considered “desirable, urban & close-in” with the traffic, development, crowds, higher taxes and crime to go along with it. Time to cash in and move to somewhere a little more serene. The biggest question is where to move? That will be our mission in 2023.

Over the past six months, I’ve learned to be more present and worry less about the future. We’ve done everything we know to prepare – time to go experience what today brings and live life to the fullest. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.