Put it out in the universe…

Singer 301a sewing machines

One of my former coworkers always used to say, “Put it out in the universe and see what happens.” Tell other people what you desire and just maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get it.

When my SIL and I attended the vintage sewing machine workshop back in August, we both remarked that we’d like to take one of Ray’s Singer 301 classes. Only one slight hiccup – she has a 301 (black long-bed) and I don’t. A lot of Featherweight owners also have a 301, but I didn’t feel the need to acquire one – unless an LBOW model (beige/white short bed) came my way at a really attractive price.

Well, today I acquired one.

My niece found this machine at a local estate sale. Seems her mom had relayed that I was looking for an old beige/white Singer sewing machine. All the parts, including the bobbin case, are there. Dunno if she runs, but for the price, I’m willing to take a chance. I’ll get her at Christmas when we go down to see hubby’s family.

The other interesting coincidence is I have a box of Singer slant shank accessories that I picked up while helping clean out a sewing room for a house flipper.