Picking paint colors is HARD work!

The paint crew arrives later this week (two weeks earlier than planned) to begin our interior/exterior projects. No changes to the exterior colors, but I now have to finalize my interior color choices by Wednesday. Good grief! Keeping ceiling and trim colors the same. Topsail (SW6127), a light beachy grayish blue-green, is the color I chose for my sewing space. Think I’ll go with a satin finish this time for durability and light reflection. Still wrestling with changing the main wall color for the rest of the house. We will definitely be going with a satin finish paint for all bathrooms, laundry room, the basement stairwell & hallway, plus my sewing space. Flat finish paint will be fine for everywhere else.

After an investment in a color palette from an interior designer on Etsy and lots of playing with the online tools, I’m still no closer to choosing a new color for the walls. The color is currently Creme (SW 7556) which is a warm, creamy white. This color was deliberately chosen with the help of an interior designer when we built the house because our main living areas at the rear of the house don’t get a lot of natural daylight.

Alabaster (SW7008) was recommended by the online tools and several decorating blogs as an updated color choice, but it’s not really that much different from what’s already on the walls. I really don’t want dark gray, tan or stark white on the walls. That’s my personal preference. Also knowing we plan to sell in the next 1-2 years means I need to keep any color choices somewhat neutral. Decisions! Decisions! I’ll ask the project manager when the crew shows up.