Craft Lab is OPEN

Two afternoons a week, I open my home sewing studio for private lessons and group activities. On Monday, I had a private lesson with a brand new sewist. This afternoon, two of my Wednesday regulars returned for some spooky crafting. Gee, the last time I made pom-pom spiders with kids was Halloween 2019. Way too long! The girls also got to use glow-in-the-dark fabric to make Halloween themed pocket tissue holders. We’ll make small totes next week with the remainder of the glow-in-the-dark fabric and I’ll let them embellish the outside of their totes with with decorative stitches sewn using glow-in-the-dark thread I unearthed from my stash.

This is exactly what I envisioned doing in retirement – sewing and sharing my joy of sewing/quilting/crafting with others. It’s taken longer than I thought it would to find my retirement groove, but I’m getting there. My Friday sew group now has a regular slot on the public library’s weekly calendar. I’ve got monthly craft nights for ‘tweens & teens scheduled at the Smyrna Public Library for January, February and April, 2023. One of my library media specialist friends who also sews has decided to pull the early retirement lever. Hopefully, she’ll be joining me at Friday sew days or we can start our own stitch ‘n bitch group. The guild I joined offers a lot of great programming and opportunities, but many of my Friday sew group ladies belong to a different guild. I guess I probably should join that guild as I’m planning on attending a retreat in January at Koosa Mountain Lodge with them. 🙂