What exemplary customer service looks like

Replacement mailbox installed today

To you, it’s a mailbox. To me, it’s a testament that there are still companies out there who do the right thing and deliver exemplary customer service – even when it’s not technically their customer who suffered the loss.

Last Friday, a limo van hired by one of our neighbors backed into our mailbox. The driver somehow managed to catch the brass knob on the front of the mailbox on a part of the van. He literally turned the mailbox 45 degrees as he pulled forward. (The screeching noise made as that knob scraped along the side of the van was quite something.) He got out, inspected the damage, closed the front door to the mailbox and drove off. Fortunately, our doorbell video camera captured all the action. What it did not capture, however, was the name of the limo company. As our neighbors had already left for their daughter’s wedding festivities, we reached out to other neighbors to see if they had footage of the limo van in question. We soon had the company’s name and contacted them directly.

By Monday afternoon, they’d accepted full responsibility for the mishap and agreed to pay to have our mailbox replaced. On Tuesday morning, they paid the invoice from the mailbox installation vendor.

Today (Thursday morning), a local mailbox company installed our replacement mailbox.

The entire issue was resolved quickly and without any drama.

If I ever need a limo transport in the future, you can bet I’ll be calling Luxport Transportation.

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  1. It’s nice to hear about a company that takes responsibility and does the right thing without having to be threatened with social media or legal action!!

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