Sadie goes to school

Yesterday, Sadie and I made over 200+ faculty, staff and students very, very happy. We visited a high school in the far north Atlanta suburbs (Johns Creek) as part of the school’s Wellness Week activities. This marked the first time I’d stepped foot in a school since I retired at the end of May. I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel my first time in a school as a “civilian.” Honestly, It was great to be back with the kids, but even better to be able to walk out the door 3 hours later and simply go home. No lesson plans, no meetings, no bullshit. As for Sadie, she was out cold within five minutes of arriving home. A tired doodle is a good doodle.

We’ll definitely be doing more therapy dog events like this in the future. 🙂

Sadie in her therapy dog uniform ready to work