So what’s next?

We leave for our long-awaited anniversary trip in two weeks. I can’t wait! We had so much fun on our Utah trip that we agreed we needed to get away more often. Going forward, we’ll shorten the our typical 7-10 day trip time to 4-5 days and try to take Sadie with us. Big girl travels well and more hotels are pet friendly. The Home2Suites we stayed at in Utah made us realize we could travel with the dog as long as we go to places that are dog-friendly. We may even decide to do an RV rental as a test run at some point. Sadie would have loved Park City, Utah! I’ve never seen so many doodle dog mixes in one area!

My yearning to travel is tempered by the uneasiness in the stock market, lack of staff at locations when traveling and high prices of hotels, car rental and air travel. Everything keeps going up, including our COBRA insurance by $200 a month starting in January. One of my neighbors, who is in HR, noted that she’s seen an increase in entrepreneurs who are returning to traditional employment. The #1 reason given – health insurance. I totally get it. I’m so grateful we have access to coverage that meets our needs, even if it is a tad expensive. I keep reminding myself It won’t be this way forever. There are days when the “play it safe at all costs” inner voice implores me to go back to work in January (especially after this week’s stock market decline). Then, the rational side of me reviews our financial plan and weighs the opportunity cost of returning to work right now. Nah, I’m good. I’ll remain retired unless an opportunity presents itself that I simply can’t resist.

Enabler alert: Hobby Lobby is discontinuing its current European-made quilting thread. All of my sewing machines ADORE this thread. IMHO, it’s a great alternative to Aurifil. At $2.24/spool on close-out, you have a good reason to stock-up. I understand from my local HL staff, that a replacement product is forthcoming.

Stay quilting my friends!

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  1. I’m right there with you about the volatility of the stock market and feeling nervous about my ‘early retirement’ decision. Ugh! But also like you I reviewed our situation and our budget and we’re good – for now! We have a big trip planned in November (10 nights in Aruba) and I cannot wait. We haven’t been to the Caribbean in almost 10 years 😦

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