That’s an “old” fabric line…

This was the response I received the I asked the clerks (at the only area quilt shop open on Sunday) if they had any fabric of a particular line in stock. I was invited to check the sale room. Nothing in there that would work. A few minutes spent scouring the sales floor did turn up a soft orange floral print that I could potentially use in my project. I bought my 1/4 yard of fabric and left.

When I got back to the car, two things came to mind:

(1) What qualifies as an “old” fabric line? The particular fabric I was searching for has been out for less than a year. Boxed kits, precuts and yardage are advertised for sale in various places. I know saw the fabric line on display at one of the shops at the beginning of the summer. This doesn’t constitute an “old” fabric line to me.

(2) Now I understand why some of my quilty friends mentioned they only shop this store if they absolutely have to. It’s always been a nice, well stocked shop. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is the management and several of the shop staff. Customer service isn’t the same. No one was rude, but I felt as if I had been “dismissed” after my initial inquiry. No one offered to help me find a substitute fabric until I appeared at the cutting table with bolts of fabric in my hands. From my perspective, that’s just crazy, especially as this store charges premium prices. At least 3-4 staff members were on duty, with only one other customer in the shop.

Oh well, that’ll teach me to read the directions more carefully and measure twice (maybe 3x) before cutting.

It took the better part of 3 days to cut the hundreds of pieces in the kit mentioned in the previous post. I did not need to use the soft orange floral print I purchased, but my suspicions were correct that the green print in the kit should have been cut at 1/3 yard instead of 1/4 yard. I need a 1.75″ x 22″ strip or a 10″ square. Hopefully, they’ll have some extra fabric at the class on Thursday afternoon.