The political madness begins anew

As it was this time two years ago, the ads are vicious. There’s a lot of money flowing into the state from those who have absolutely no skin in the game. Some of the TV spots are so inaccurate that they’re laughable. I thought the media had a duty to at least fact check some of what is aired. Guess it doesn’t apply to commercials.

There are two differences this election cycle. The good: no politics in the mainstream quilting/sewing universe that I’ve seen so far. The bad: there’s no getting away from the political ads, period. I can turn off the television and radio. But there’s one on a billboard along the highway. The ads are still on FB, websites and even when I watch a YouTube video. Perhaps I’ll need to invest in a 3 month subscription to YouTube premium to avoid the commercials.

I find it ironic that I didn’t see that many political ads when I was in Kentucky. The ones that I did see were tolerable. It was so refreshing. Perhaps it’s because both political parties don’t see Kentucky as a key battleground state? I don’t know. We’ve been debating where we’d like to wind up next. Away from Atlanta for certain, but perhaps out of Georgia, too. Time will tell.