Tip: confirm your needle position when straight stitching!

Computerized machines allow you to adjust the needle position on a straight stitch via the zigzag/stitch width button. Many machines have the stitch width and stitch length values always visible on the screen. Other machines, like my Elnita EC30, require you to click through a menu (using the MODE button here) to access the stitch pattern number, stitch length and stitch width.

Elnita EC30

You can guess where this is going, can’t you?

I prefer to piece with a 2.0 stitch length. The preset on the Elnita EC30 is a 2.4 stitch length. I did dial down the stitch length to the correct number. However, I also managed to move the stitch width to the same number without realizing it, which moved the needle position slightly left of center. My seam allowances were a little bigger, but it didn’t really show up until after I’d sewn 5 strips together. Oopsie!

Some of my match points are a wee bit off on my donation quilt project, but I did manage to make it work! I also learned a very important lesson today. Double check your needle position before stitching! Is it where you need it to be?