We paid back our student loans

My husband and I come from families of very modest means. We are the first and only people in our immediate families to graduate from college.

We worked our way through undergrad (both) and grad school (me), got all the scholarship money and employer tuition reimbursement money we could and only borrowed what we truly needed – not the max amount the financial aid office said we were entitled to.

It took nearly a decade, but we paid off every last dime we owed. Even as a teacher, I never qualified for any loan forgiveness program because the criteria were always changing. By the time I actually met the criteria, I’d already paid it off.

Today, several million students will see their loan balances go poof – courtesy of Mr. Biden.

It doesn’t resolve the issue of why college (like medical care) is so expensive, nor why we as a country, push our young folks toward college, when most aren’t cut out for it?

Where are the safeguards and education programs in place to explain to 18 year olds what the ramifications are of signing on the dotted line to borrow a sum of money for college? Oh, wait… based on today’s actions, why bother, when you aren’t going to be expected to pay it back?

I have no problem with loan forgiveness based on specific criteria. One of my former colleagues met the criteria for teacher/public employee loan forgiveness. It was such a blessing to her and her family when the loan balance was finally zeroed out.

Today’s actions leave me shaking my head. With blanket loan forgiveness, we, the taxpayers are on the hook to bat clean-up yet again.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Sadly, It appears to be lost, along with its cousin, common sense.