Quilting for a good cause

My friend, Missy, founder and CEO of the Davis Direction Foundation asked if I could complete a quilt top hanging on my rack and donate it to the organization’s annual fundraiser benefitting their substance abuse, addiction and recovery programs.

What you see pictured above is my completed quilt. The pattern is Windmills from one of the 3 yard quilt books by Fabric Cafe. This top was actually a former class sample that was on my list to be completed and donated to a children’s charity later this year.

Missy’s request turned out to be a win for both of us! I have one less quilt top hanging on my rack, one less package of batting in my stash and can mark my to-do of donation quilt for Q3 as now complete! I was also able to try out a quilting design I’m thinking of using for hubby’s quilt.

Hopefully, the auction is successful. There are so many items up for auction that I wonder if my quilt will even receive a bid. If it doesn’t, I know the quilt will be utilized by teens at The Zone. I did a donation quilt for a different group several years ago. While the baby quilt didn’t raise as much as other items, the winner was so appreciative of all the workmanship that went into the quilt. She was beyond thrilled at being able to afford such a “nice handmade quilt” for her new grand-daughter. I’d classify this lady as definitely quilt worthy!

Don’t know about you, but every quilt that leaves my studio takes a tiny piece of my heart with it. There’s a lot of thought and care that goes into making every quilt – from commissioned to charity quilts. The biggest compliment to me would be for the quilt to be so well used that it’s worn out to the point that it becomes the dog’s quilt.