Do you prefer background noise or complete silence while you sew?

I prefer a little background noise in my studio while I sew – podcasts, audiobooks or a playlist on Spotify. This way, I can continue listening as I move around the house or need to travel somewhere in my car. I did learn that I cannot listen to foreign language lessons while driving. I get too involved listening to the speaker and don’t pay enough attention to driving.

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As mentioned in previous posts, I’m making the most of my library cards. If I see a book at Barnes & Noble or on that interests me, I check to see if one of the regional libraries has a print or digital copy available. One of them usually does. My hold on The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz audiobook finally came available this week. I tried to read the actual book as part of a professional development initiative at the former day job, but just couldn’t get into it. My neighborhood book club leader suggested listening to audio versions of books we couldn’t seem to get into, so I gave it a try. The particular version I checked out was a condensed version of the actual book. In less than an hour, I listened to all the main ideas and important takeaways from the book. Perfect!

In case you’re wondering, the Four Agreements are essentially:

(1) Your word (communication) should be impeccable. [No gossiping, keep opinions to yourself]
(2) Don’t take anything personally.
(3) Don’t make assumptions.
(4) Always do your best.

I liked the book summary in e-audiobook format. Going to have to see what else is available!

Keep quilting!

One thought on “Do you prefer background noise or complete silence while you sew?

  1. Oh no, I can’t do silence while I’m sewing/quilting. I’m really into watching professional tennis but sometimes when the match is really good or the score is tight I will stop sewing to watch! I have also listened to audio books and sometimes I’ll just have my Amazon device play music.

    I read that book a long time ago, thanks for the refresher 😊

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