A new school year’s here…and COVID’s back.

Today, two of our local school districts announced mandatory masks for all faculty, staff and visitors to their facilities. One wasn’t a surprise; however for the largest school district in Georgia to suddenly issue a mask mandate for employees and visitors did come as a bit of a surprise. If I were a teacher in Gwinnett County, I would be absolutely livid right now. What good is masking faculty & staff going to do to “limit the spread” when the 3,000 teenagers also in the building aren’t wearing masks? This makes absolutely no sense to me. However, I’m not surprised given the ones currently at the helm.

No word if Cobb is going to follow suit, but I somehow doubt it in this case. I can definitely see a masks strongly encouraged campaign coming, though. This would mean local principals could further restrict visitors to individual schools. This could potentially impact our efforts to get the school-based READ program with Sadie launched later this fall. I’ll mask up if necessary, but hope it doesn’t happen.

A resurgence in COVID also means greater staff absenteeism and the certainty that every available staff member will be pulled to substitute again this year. That was a miserable experience. Yet another sign, I made the right decision to retire! šŸ™‚