Stitching along

Singer Featherweight, circa 1935

Today was exactly how I imagined retirement would be! My quilty peeps and I were together again for a few hours of stitching and fellowship. It’s been almost four months since we last met for a sit & sew. It was wonderful! Hubby even remarked how happy I looked when I returned home. The group meets every Friday at an area library. This was my first opportunity to join them. It’s a come as you can and bring your own project to work on. A few of the ladies are also part of another biweekly group that meets on Wednesdays. It’s much more structured with everyone working on the same project. I do like the accountability piece. I’ll join them one Wednesday to see what that group is like.

After my trip to the vintage sewing machine museum in Tulsa, I was inspired to pull out a Featherweight and take it to the sew in with me today. Jane went along for the ride. Yes, she’s missing decals, has a compromised clear coat and several pin scratches on her bed. It’s all good. It’s amazing how smoothly she sews after a few minutes of operation. She’s also the machine I’m planning to take to the Sew Purty workshop in August. I’ll tear her down, clean her up and reassemble her under the watchful eye of someone well versed in vintage machine restoration. (I’ve learned how to service and adjust my own machine. I simply want to take it to the next level.) Jane has character. I like that I don’t have to treat her with kid gloves when we travel, or be afraid to let the kids try her out. Can’t say that about the others in my collection!

Have a happy, safe July 4th weekend!

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