QuiltCon 2023 will be in the ATL

Yes, it will be right in my own backyard!

QuiltCon 2023 information is now available online. There are some interesting class offerings. Sessions are priced at $120 for a 3 hour class and $240 for a 6 hour class. Note that class kits require an additional fee.

I really enjoyed the events in Savannah and Nashville that I attended pre-COVID.

I’ve thought about volunteering for this one, but given the event location and the high crime rates in Atlanta, I’m not so sure anymore. I rarely venture ITP (inside the Perimeter/I-285 freeway that circles the city) these days. I may even decide to pass on this one as an attendee, too. I definitely don’t understand the decision making process that led the committee to choose the Mart as a venue. Besides crime, you also have to deal with downtown parking and the notorious ATL traffic. There are plenty of other event venues in Atlanta that could’ve easily handled the event, provided easy access to the airport and a higher degree of safety. But they didn’t ask for my opinion! 🙂

If you do come to QuiltCon, stay at the partner hotel, which is the Peachtree Plaza hotel. You’ll be safer and you can easily walk to the Mart.

3 thoughts on “QuiltCon 2023 will be in the ATL

  1. for all the reasons you mentioned I believe I will be skipping it this year ☚ī¸ I went to the one in Savannah and really enjoyed myself but I missed going to Nashville because we were moving. Maybe 2024 will be in a location I have marked on my bucket list, LOL!

  2. Oh wow!! This is awesome news 🙂 I thought they alternated between east & west coast each year but I will definitely make plans to go to Raleigh!

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