The value of enough

To me, having enough means I have what I need and can find it easily. There’s a sense of satisfaction I get after a decluttering/reorganization session. Keeping inventory at the “enough” level requires routine curating and ongoing maintenance. Unfortunately, it’s not a once & done thing.

One year ago, I pared our cooking utensils, pots, pans, cookie sheets, baking dishes and Corning Ware down to only what we actually use on a regular basis. It’s made meal prep/baking much more pleasurable and efficient for me. With our BBQ event on Sunday, my concern was that we wouldn’t have enough platters or large pans. I was right, but we made it work with what we had. No need to invest in another platter or large baking pan. Extra-large, super heavy duty disposable foil trays are on my “watch” list. When they go on sale, I’ll buy a set and store them in the pantry for when we need them. I already do the same with foil pans for lasagna and brownies that we take to events/gift to others.

This summer’s major purge involves my sewing studio. Everything that I wanted to keep from school has been incorporated into my stash and craft closets. Now, it’s time to “refine” things and free up one hall closet. Three mechanical machines I have in inventory (people still think I am the home for wayward sewing machines) will be donated to a teen sewing academy located in the inner city. Once I outfit my two sewing stations and my travel machine with the necessary notions and accessories, I am getting rid of the excess. It’s time to be ruthless. If I haven’t touched it in a year, it’s time to find said item a new home. Ideally, I’ll have room to store everything in my sewing studio and not need the hall closet. It’s doable, but will require serious purging of the existing stash and sewing room closet. It will also require reconfiguring how I use the existing furniture/storage areas. Wish me luck!

The end result is that I wind up with enough inventory on hand to whip up most any desired quilting project and be able to easily locate needed supplies.