Expanding my horizons

This weekend, I’m taking an art quilt class at the Greenville QuiltFest. Mixed media has always intrigued me, so here’s my chance to play with various threads, beads and other embellishments. I had great fun sorting through my stash of specialty threads to find the colors I need for my project. The instructor requested that students bring a machine with specific capabilities, so the Elnita EC30 is going with me. She’s already packed in the new wheeled tote. I think everything else is ready, as well. We’ll give it a final once-over Thursday night. Looking forward to a fun weekend.

In late August, my sister-in-law and I are going to attend a vintage sewing machine restoration workshop hosted by Sew Purty Workshops. She will tear down a vintage treadle machine and I’ll work on a Singer 99. Of course, we’ll make time for a visit to Paducah to see the quilts and shop at Hancock’s! I had hoped to stay in an AirBnB, but it didn’t work out with the particular place we were interested in staying. I think things actually worked out for the best, though. We’re staying at a cool vintage motel recommended by our sewing machine class instructor. Neither one of us has ever stayed at a place like this (and I doubt my husband will go for it either) and we decided to give it a try.

Finally, if you’re interested in the Garden of Quilts at Thanksgiving Point (Lehi, UT) – tickets go on sale May 2nd! Got the official email notification today. Have my desired class schedule mapped out, but there are a ton of other activities as well. I’ve learned to get my event tickets first, then book my air travel. Maybe I’ll run into some folks I went to the Featherweight Shop/JK Quilts retreat with in 2019!

I will be mentoring at the July kid’s quilt camp hosted by the SQTM. I will also be hosting biweekly sewing classes and weekly crafternoon sessions in my home studio all through the summer. Then, there’s the backlog of personal sewing/quilting projects that I’m itching to get started on. Plenty of time to sew in studio or sew with friends several times a month.

I am SEW ready to get the next four weeks behind me!