One more confirmation I’ve made the correct decision

Well, it happened. The censorship bill (GA SB 226) passed. (Thankfully, the criminal penalties against school librarians were removed from the legislation.) Let’s see how many parents start hounding school principals to remove the books they find offensive from school libraries. Never mind we have a procedure in place that works well. Besides, common sense and having a open conversation with the parent usually alleviates 99% of book challenges.

Yes, every parent has the absolute right to determine what their child may/may not read. We place notes in the child’s record so that we know the kid isn’t supposed to check out that particular series, genre – whatever the parent dictates. What that parent does not have the right to do is to dictate what other kids in the school may or may not read. Parents need to be more concerned with what their kids are watching on TikTok than the books they’re checking out from an elementary school library.

And if my principal asks if we have anything offensive in our library, my response will be, “Yes” because in our current climate, anyone can find something to be offended by if they look hard enough.

Well, not my circus and not my monkeys since I’ll be gone by the time the bill becomes law.

2 thoughts on “One more confirmation I’ve made the correct decision

  1. Ugh, it’s gotten so out of hand lately… too many people living on the extreme edges… no clue how this country will ever ‘right the ship’ 😦

  2. Agreed. Hopefully, a middle ground will emerge from the chaos soon. Enjoy your last couple of days of work and Happy Retirement!

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