Today, a parent dropped off an older Brother sewing machine and a current model Singer serger, plus a tub of fabric and accessories. She’s in the process of moving and doesn’t have room in her new place for all of her craft supplies. One of my coworkers took the sewing machine home once I confirmed that it worked. I brought the serger home to see if I can get it to work. If it does, I’ll keep it for myself as it’s a definite upgrade over my 20+ year old Sears Kenmore serger.

After work, I picked up two mechanical sewing machines from Miss Pat. She decided to give them to me for kid’s sewing classes. One is the very same JW5622 I gifted to the shop when we stopped doing clubs at school. The other is an earlier model of the same machine but sports a Kenmore badge. This particular model must be very popular for Janome. It’s been been around a while and you different variations of it under the Janome, Elna, Baby Lock and Necchi brands.

Anyway, neither machine had been used in a while. The Kenmore made such an awful clanking noise that I was certain it was destined for the trash. I cleaned/oiled and added a new needle to each machine. The JW5622 perked right up. The Kenmore needed a TLC booster as it was parched. It soaked up every bit of oil I applied. Still made the clanking noise, though. After consulting an online manual, I learned that the drop feed lever that was somehow not in the correct position. Everything looks good now.

Two more machines are coming my way next week. In case you’re wondering, all of these machines will eventually be re-homed. I enjoy tinkering with the machines and bringing them back to their full potential so another person can get use out of them.