Dear Event Planners – Masks should be OPTIONAL

This morning, I eagerly signed up for events I want to attend at A Mountain Quiltfest in June. I carefully reviewed COVID policies on websites for both the event location and the event organizer. No mention of masks anywhere. When I went to the checkout box, the terms and conditions included a mask requirement for the entire time I would be attending the event. No, thank you. I declined to continue the transaction and reached out to both the event organizer and the class teacher.


The event’s not until June. It’s hot and muggy in Tennessee that time of year. Sevier County currently has no mask mandate in place. COVID cases are rapidly falling in the area. Hopefully, COVID will be in our rear view mirror by then. Why am I being asked to agree to wear a mask four months out from an event when COVID is on the decline?

I’m neither anti-vaxx nor anti-mask. I’ve been vaxxed, boosted and wear a mask at work/other places when necessary. Personally, I choose not to pay to attend all day quilt classes, concerts, and events where a mask is required. I find it ironic when a venue wants me to wear a mask at all times, use hand sanitizer and socially distance when patrons are seated elbow-to-elbow, like pre-COVID. Yes, this means that I’ve missed out on some awesome events I would have loved to attend. But that’s okay. There are plenty of other things I CAN do instead. It’s my choice.

I’m happy to report that the event organizer updated the language to make masks optional. I’m signed up for my events and look forward to my trip in June.