Tip: Check for pattern updates and corrections before you begin a project

If you’re like most quilters, you buy a pattern/book and then set it aside to make later.

Before you start pulling fabrics and cutting, take 2 minutes to look on the designer or publisher’s website to see if any changes have been made to the pattern. Most of the time, you will find any updates under the ERRATA or PATTERN CORRECTIONS links. If you are taking a class, the teacher should be aware of any pattern corrections and advise students accordingly.

Case in point: Trendy Table 3 from Anka’s Treasures is a popular book used by many quilt shops for their monthly table runner clubs. I participate in such a club at my LQS. Instead of buying a precut kit for each project, I prefer to make my own kits. I am grateful to the group leader who told me to check the website for corrections and write them directly in my book using a Sharpie marker.

Sure enough, when I went to cut February and March project kits during Christmas break, I found a correction on the website for the March project. I needed pieces cut 1/2″ wider than what was published in the book. You can always trim down large pieces, but it’s much harder to make too small pieces larger!

Mistakes happen. We’re all human. Many pattern designers utilize testers, proofreaders, tech editors, publishers, graphic artists, illustrators, etc. The more hands in the project, the more opportunities there are for boo-boos to happen. Here’s a shout-out to the designers, publishers and companies who point out the errors and publish corrections so we can find them. Thank you.