Last Minute Christmas Gifts

How about a travel pillowcase + pillow insert in a themed fabric tailored to the recipient?

Supply chains woes may impact your ability to locate a 12″x16″ pillow insert. This is my go-to size, but I could not find any. My options were: (a) DIY the pillow inserts using muslin & polyester fiberfil I had on-hand or (b) buy a slightly bigger travel pillow insert (14″x20″) I found at Wal-Mart in the pillow section. I’ll take option (b), please. The five pillow inserts I needed were less than $20, including tax.

In case you’re interested, here are the cut measurements from Miss Teresa’s Magical Pillowcase directions adjusted for a 14″x20″ pillow form:
Body: 21.5″ x 30″
Trim: 2.5″ x 30″
Cuff: 7.5 x 30″

I use the hot dog/burrito method of pillowcase construction using French seams. Fabrics with an all-over design work best, but you can use a print with a one-way design.
Here are the modifications for assembling the bun/burrito part using one way designs:

Fabric Placement Alignment of One Way Design
Cuff Face up Upside down (rotate fabric so top of design is facing you)
Trim Face up Right-side up with raw edges along the top edge
Body Face down. Right-side up

It will seem wrong to position the fabrics this way; however, once you sew the cuff edge and turn it inside-out, the one-way designs on the cuff, trim and body pieces will be pointing in the right direction.

Complete the rest of the pillowcase as usual.

My adult nieces had requested Legos as Christmas gifts for their kids. My husband and I gifted a 1500+ Lego piece set to each family. However, I wanted each child to have something personal, as well. Enter themed pillowcases. My great-nieces and nephews instinctively knew which pillowcase was theirs. It was so much fun to see their excitement! 🙂