Did I take on too much?

Most of the time, it’s a good thing to stretch yourself so that you can continue growing.

I may have taken on a project that is simply too much for me to do while I am still working full-time. The learning curve has been much steeper than expected. Being exhausted when I get home from work everyday doesn’t help either.

So, I’m being proactive. I’ve reworked my library schedule for Monday and Tuesday (essentially closing the library except for scheduled classes) so I can finish redoing the nonfiction section. I had hoped to get this completed during Conference Week since the kids start informational writing next week, but no, I was pulled to babysit students who didn’t ride the bus home or to stuff data notebooks every afternoon.

Weary, but I need to hunker down and power through the learning stage of my current project. It’s an ongoing collaboration that’s going to provide a needed sense of purpose once I hang up my teacher librarian hat.

UPDATE: So, I hunkered down and powered through, feeling good about the work product I submitted. Feedback was not quite what I expected, which was fine. However, after thinking about the next steps and the limited amount of time I have available for extra projects, I trusted my gut and made the decision to bow out now. The other party wasn’t too pleased, but I’d rather tell them now than let it drag on.

Seven months ’til freedom. I can’t wait.