One of the reasons I started my business was to encourage the next generation of sewists and quilters. Two years ago, I gifted one very deserving, aspiring college student with an extra special sewing machine, complete with everything she could possibly need for her sewing/costuming classes in college – Gingher scissors, rotary cutter, Creative Grids rulers, mat and an entire sewing basket filled with top of the line notions.

A couple of weeks ago, she texted me stating that the sewing machine’s foot pedal no longer worked. I told her she could easily replace it and gave her the name of a local business where she could buy one.

An ad for this very same machine popped up on Facebook Marketplace today. Yep, it was machine I’d gifted to the student. Her name is even on the front of the machine in the photo. Face palm.

[Coming back a couple of days later after I’ve had time to think about it.] In looking at the pictures, I can tell she really used the machine – perhaps even dropped it at some point (which would explain why the foot pedal no longer works). My hunch is she needs to raise funds to help pay for college and that’s why the machine was listed for sale. Anyhow, I have to keep reminding myself that I cheerfully gave it to her as a gift and it’s her to do with as she sees fit. But it’s hard…

I totally get how a fellow quilter felt when she posted about how she arrived at her son’s house for a visit only to find the quilt she’d recently gifted them laying in the bottom of the dog crate. It wasn’t a quick quilt pattern either! 😦