The Value of Creative Play

When’s the last time you lost all track of time because you were so immersed in what you were doing? I’m not talking about mindless TV binging or going down the Pinterest rabbit hole. It could be reading a book, exploring an art museum, gardening, crafting, sewing, quilting, fishing…or any activity that requires you to actively participate.

I get it. It’s hard to carve out time to just putter, tinker or finally see what happens if you do X. But that’s where growth, learning and the magic happens. Set a timer, put your phone in airplane mode and let go for an hour or two.

Today, I allowed myself time to experiment. I’d seen a craft project that I wanted the kids to make in sewing class. This little project forced me to learn how to use the Cricut Maker that had been gathering dust in a corner of my studio since my disastrous first attempt at using it. Thank God for YouTube and all the folks who put videos together on electronic cutting machines. What I wanted to do wasn’t hard, I just didn’t know how to work the Circuit Design Space well enough to create the project I envisioned. I refused to pay $$ for an SVG file when I could trace and cut letters/shapes by hand if necessary.

Two hours later, I had the Cricut figured out, my own SVG letter file created using a font I’d imported, a completed sample and cut letters ready for appliqué tomorrow afternoon. I also got to play with the decorative stitches on my fancy sewing machine that’s normally set up for quilting. I’m now ready to see what other things I can design in the Cricut Design Space for appliqué (or to use the vinyl that was donated). Now it’s off to the thrift store or Dollar Tree for picture frames!