Oreo Cookie Bag CLASS Notes

We are making an unlined/exposed seam bag with zipper tabs.

Needle: Universal 80/12
Thread: Polyester, 50wt (some swear by cotton thread – I’ve had mixed results)
Presser foot: All Purpose
Other adjustments: Lengthen stitch length to 3.0
If quilting: loosen upper tension to 2.5-3; reduce foot pressure; walking foot or dual feed with be helpful.

Use clips instead of pins for sewing!

  1. Wash bag thoroughly and allow to completely dry.
  2. Square front panel first, then lay face down on top of back panel and trim back panel to fit.
  3. Fuse vinyl between sheets of parchment paper.
  4. Use glossy vinyl (Heat & Bond or Pellon is fine).
  5. Optional: Add batting and backing to each section and quilt.
  6. Trim zipper to 3/4″ less than top edge. Use 2″ wide fabric to make tabs. Add tabs to each end. Glue stick or double faced basting tape may help hold zipper in place while sewing.
  7. Install zipper, face down with right edges aligned. Attach zipper foot and adjust needle position as necessary. Sew zipper, moving pull out of the way as needed. Fold edges back along zipper and topstitch.
  8. Sew bag together using 3/8″ or edge of presser foot as seam allowance. OPEN ZIPPER ALL THE WAY BEFORE SEWING SEAM. Backstitch at beginning and end of seam. Do not sew zipper tabs into seam.
  9. Turn bag right side out, poking out corners and zipper tabs with finger or point turner.

Link to video for reference.