keeping IT quiet

It’s been a little quiet on the blog front as I edit/update/remove certain content on the blog. There’s a highly controversial and draconian social media policy for employees being floated at the day job that will be voted on by the leadership later this week. It’s most likely going to be approved.

I signed an employment contract to be a teacher for the upcoming school year. In doing so, I did not sign a vow of poverty, nor did I sign away my right to have an opinion or express that opinion. I am a professional. I fully understand that I am to post positive press (or sanitized articles provided by the employer) on any social media I may manage for the organization, but to be trolling my personal/biz social media feeds for *insert laundry list of potential offenses here* is ridiculous. I know I am held to a higher standard of ethical conduct because of my profession, but I am entitled to a private personal life, too.

I will most definitely be disconnecting any day job related social media accounts from all of my personal devices. If they want information sent out, then they can unblock Twitter, FB & IG at the local school level or pay for an aggregator service that will allow me to post during school hours. I’m no longer footing the bill for job related social media postings using my personal devices or data connections. Nope!