Encourage the littles in your life to try sewing

Littles can be anyone from preschool to college age.

Start with hand sewing, embroidery or cross-stitch. Embellishing jeans is a great project for tweens & teens. Basic sewing supplies are readily available at big box stores or borrow from a friend/relative.

If their interest in sewing becomes more than a passing curiosity, enroll them in a beginning sewing course or ask around to see if a friend has a machine you can borrow while your “little” explores creating with a sewing machine.

Sewing does require a certain investment in a quality machine and supplies, but no more so than baseball, cheerleading, color guard or other activities.

If you do have a serious, talented sewist on your hands, let your friends and acquaintances know. There are many folks sitting on an abundance of sewing machines, supplies and fabric stash who need to downsize. They would LOVE to support a young person with a serious interest in sewing. All they ask in return is a simple thank you.

Three of my favorite memories are: (1) the reaction of a very deserving SCAD student who was gifted a really nice sewing machine and every tool she could possibly need for her apparel design program and (2) the ongoing pictures posted by my niece of all the clothes she’s made for her kids since receiving her “new” sewing machine and (3) the change in attitude of a surly ‘tween who was struggling in class with her old machine once I moved her to my sewing machine. (That became “her” machine during classes and mom eventually bought her a similar machine of her own.)