Mask or no mask?

Masks are optional in my classes.

I’m now fully vaccinated. I’ll admit I was leery of taking the vaccine. Two things changed my mind: (1) family physician insisting I get vaccinated due to my day job and my husband’s status as a cancer patient and (2) meeting fellow therapy dog volunteers who’d participated in the local Pfizer vaccine trials at Emory. They were fine. The 2nd Moderna shot did kick my butt, though.

It’s time to get back to living. The CDC has lifted most mask restrictions for folks like me. People have had plenty of opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get the shot(s), too. I am not anti-mask. I will don a mask if a business requires it, but I’m definitely looking to shop businesses where masks are no longer required. Of course, I will gladly mask-up on official therapy dog visits with Sadie if a facility or ATD guidelines mandate such.

That said, you do you. Wear a double mask, gloves and goggles to class, if you must. Chances are, your classmates and instructor will not be similarly attired. For those in high risk groups, stay home and explore virtual classes until the virus risk is at a level with which you are comfortable.

Use common sense and get back out there. It’s way past time!