Look! It’s a Bright Shiny Object

I think we all suffer from bright shiny object syndrome to some degree. Advertisers and marketers bombard us with messages that most definitely target this human tendency. You see it in both B2B and B2C advertising.

This evening, Sadie and I took a ride up to a local sewing shop to purchase a 6″x6″ ruler I need for an upcoming class. While there, I answered the siren call to test drive a new sewing machine. Mind you, the goal of the trip was to pick up the ruler, check on a specific pack of needles and head home.

I left the shop with only my ruler and several slightly damp fabric scraps that Sadie had played with during our visit. I also left with a vague sense of dissatisfaction with my current sewing machine inventory. Which was stupid on my part, because when I got home, I compared the stitch sample from my test drive to one from my current everyday machine. One stitch difference and certainly not enough to warrant buying that particular machine. I’ve very thankful my common sense prevailed.

I’m quilter. My FW and big fancy machine are great for that. They are NOT well suited for hemming knit fabrics. The FW can’t use a twin needle and the 9mm wide opening on the big fancy machine chews the fabric. Enter my little 3/4 size Elna Star Edition. It’s time to refresh my memory/learn how to use the utility stitches for basic garment sewing tasks.