For the first time in many moons, I have a sense of hope when I think about the future.

Today, my local town lifted the city-wide mask mandate. Outdoor events – still socially distanced – are back on the calendar starting in mid-June. I will once again be able to browse the shelves at the local public library. 🙂

Job responsibilities for next year will change a bit. I’m excited about what’s ahead and working more closely with certain colleagues. A sizable raise has also been proposed by the superintendent, but that won’t be voted on until late June.

I booked my first flight in nearly two years! I’ll be attending a training conference, but I’ll have enough down time to catch up with an old friend who lives in the area.

Some much needed beach time and a couple of short trips with Miss Sadie are also in the works.

Other than my conference in mid-June, I plan to enjoy a mask-free summer. It makes absolutely no sense now that I’m fully vaccinated, but still have to wear a mask. Today, a coworker was sent home to quarantine because she was identified as a close contact for someone who tested positive for COVID-19. If said coworker tests positive, I’ll be identified as a close contact to her, but I won’t have to quarantine since I’m considered fully vaccinated. Say what? That’s not how I read the CDC guidelines. I interpret them as having 10 mask-free days off for quarantine!

All kidding aside, I hope my coworker doesn’t test positive. We have too much to do between now and the end of May.