madness – it’s everywhere!

So the trolls have infiltrated sewing and quilting circles on social media again. Kudos to the group admins in my FB groups who do the thankless and unpaid (at least I think it’s unpaid) job of blocking and removing these individuals from a group.

Sadly, the angry mob has taken up residence in one of my favorite crafting groups. Guess I’ll be the next member to go *poof* because I eat Chick-Fil-A and sometimes shop at Hobby Lobby. There are certainly businesses where I choose not to spend my money. However, I don’t make fun of or attack people because they disagree with me. I try to look for common ground and proceed from there.

Much of this nonsense started last summer and as a result, I severely curtailed my quilting and sewing machine related purchases. I lost all desire to sew. When the social media dust settled, companies seemed to be courting a different, younger customer base. Look at the ads and the makers who are now the face of the various sewing machine companies. It’s business. I get that. It’s exciting to see new talent. The thing is, some of these same folks were fueling the social media mayhem last summer. I’m no longer willing to support companies who sponsor them.

I’ve re-homed a couple of sewing machines because of my decision. There’s still one more machine I need to rehome/trade-in, but I have to find a suitable replacement first. It’s a bit harder to do because I’m not interested in machine embroidery, entry level machines or Cosplay. I don’t want a longarm. I’m also not willing to spend $10-$15k on a new sewing machine. Fortunately, I found 3 manufacturers who offer a machine that fits my specs and budget. I’m going to test drive those machines over spring break.

You may have a completely different point of view. That’s okay. My point here in sharing is that one can disagree respectfully and take action without starting a firestorm on social media.