do more of what brings you joy

For me, it’s spending time in my studio (aka “my happy place” ) stitching away on Miss Addie, my freearm Singer Featherweight 222. I never expected to own one, given the rarity of this model. Of course, there’s a story behind how she arrived on my doorstep, but that’s for another time. Let’s just say that being patient, paying cash and wanting a working machine versus a collectible edition helped make it happen.

Miss Addie is also a tangible reminder that life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. My bout with Bell’s palsy and my husband’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis Summer 2019 put life in a completely different perspective. Self-care and indulging myself once in a while became a priority. Hubs is doing well 18 months post-surgery. It’s time for the caregiver (me) to start taking care of herself again.

Self-care meant many hours spent decluttering my studio and rehoming fabric, supplies and machines I no longer needed or wanted. My space feels much lighter now. It’s merely the first step on my way to a sewing studio makeover. I’m eager to get my design wall installed – but this means a fabric storage cabinet has to go. More decluttering to come!

Besides eat right, exercising and getting more sleep, self-care also involved spiffing up the wardrobe a bit. I’m now teaching more and with the gig at the SE Quilt & Textile Museum, I needed the boost of self-confidence that comes from looking put together and being well-rested.

I’m also reading more – personally and virtually via Zoom with Sadie to read with our therapy dog READ kiddos. Some in-person visiting opportunities are starting back up. We’ll be visiting GA Tech at the end of March for Wellness Week.

I got so tired of 2020’s Blursday that I made a promise to observe the holidays in 2021. We celebrated Mardi Gras with take-out from Pappadeaux’s on Tuesday. If you need help with day-to-day holidays, the folks at National Day Calendar do an outstanding job of celebrating the every day.

Other than travel, I’ve resumed the activities that brought me joy pre-COVID. Here’s hoping we can get back to a mask-free somewhat normal within 6-12 months. It absolutely stinks to have to teach while wearing a mask all day!