January 5th can’t get here fast enough! The incessant barrage of political ads is simply too much. When the campaign higher-ups refer to voters on the other side as “the enemy” – we turned off the TV and radio. We’re all on the same American team the last time I checked.

We’ve recounted the ballots THREE times and yes, Mr. Biden is the winner. It’s past time for some Republicans to move on. I live in Cobb County and voted via mail-in ballot, so I happened to be part of the recent signature verification audit on all mail-in ballots in my county. You’ll be pleased to know that auditors found no evidence of voter fraud with the mail-in ballots.

Hubby thinks the vote will go the same way for both senators while I predict a split vote. We’ll see!

One thought on “One MORE WEEK To GO!

  1. I can’t even fathom the horrible campaigns GA citizens are being subjected to…it’s f-ugly on social media so I’m sure it 100x worse locally. I can only pray the outcome is the best for America…whatever that my be :-/

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