Dear Thief who stole my credit card

I’m not quite sure how you came by this particular card’s information, but you’ve made my life mighty inconvenient the past two weeks as I’ve had to deal with getting a new card and covering the auto pay accounts that were affiliated with the former card. The biggest hassle has been not being able to shop at Costco because you stole my Visa and Costco only accepts Visa. (I do not use debit cards.)

Fortunately, my credit card company caught on before you could do too much damage (but they still managed to spend close to $700 on an online shopping spree before the account was shut down).

However, my friends, you screwed up. You forgot to change the ship to address on something you purchased with my card. It arrived on my doorstep earlier this week. The vendor said they were able to trace the order, but couldn’t tell me who the not-so-upstanding citizen was that placed the order. I shipped the item back today because it was the right thing to do.

I’ll be filing a police report tomorrow. I hope they nail your sorry ass, THIEF!