Would you like a side of political ads with your holiday celebrations?

No. Thank. You.

I’ve had enough of politics to last me a lifetime. However, it’s time to buckle up my fellow Georgians. We’re going to be the center of national attention as we have two U.S. Senate seats up for grabs. The run-off elections aren’t until January 5, 2021 and the television ads have already started. Hang on tight!

Yes, I could write an epistle about how I view the current political scene, but all I will say that I tend to side with the financial talking heads – the best scenario to keep stability in the financial markets would be for the Senate to maintain Republican control. All we’ve heard from for the past 4 years is screaming from the far left and the far right – nothing from the middle. Most voters tend to be moderate – as demonstrated by the sea of purple on election night (almost 50/50 split in the vote). I think the people have spoken that they really want a moderate government. Small business owners I’ve chatted with from both political parties seem to agree on this point. They are very worried about higher taxes, increased regulations and the proposed minimum wage hike. One business owner shared that she didn’t think she’d be in business a year from now if everything she’d heard went through (and she’s a very liberal voter).

So, take it for what it’s worth. Enjoy your holiday festivities, study up on the candidates and be sure to VOTE. Oh – and feel free to turn the volume down during all the political ads.

One thought on “Would you like a side of political ads with your holiday celebrations?

  1. I feel bad for everyone in GA over the next two months… you’re going to be inundated 😦 Probably best to just record or stream what you want to watch so you can avoid all that. But when the time comes, yes please VOTE 😉

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