A close encounter of the Covid kind

Yep, I had my own close encounter of the Covid kind this week. A coworker was diagnosed with Covid-19. Fortunately, I was not identified as a high risk individual during contact tracing. Given our situation, however, my doctor recommended I get tested as a precaution. Nasal swab and 48 hours later, my results were negative. Thank goodness! Masks, hand sanitizer, and keeping away from people appear to work.

After spending much of the week as a recluse, I ventured out today with Sadie to complete another of the required field observations on our way to becoming a certified therapy dog team. We passed and have only one observation left. One week from now, we should be finished with our field observations! Then, it’s a matter of paperwork.

Although 2020 has been a crappy year – Boomer’s illness & crossing the Rainbow Bridge, pandemic, social unrest, election season, house damage from Hurricane Zeta…being able to get back in the therapy dog game with Sadie gives me hope for the future and a much needed dose of “normalcy” in my life.

Here’s hoping the remainder of 2020 veers more toward the normal side of things for us all.

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