Bye, Twitter

You may have noticed that the Twitter feed has been removed from my sidebar.

Yep, it’s true. I broke up with Twitter. I canceled my account. It’s not like potential customers find me via Twitter. Most of my referral traffic comes from search engines, followed by FB.

Why did I cancel the Twitter account I’d had since 2011? There are simply too many trolls out there. A colleague from another work site is currently being investigated for potential “ethics” violations because of a mainstream news story retweeted to a personal Twitter account. Apparently, another employee reported it to HR. What do you bet this person found the retweeted news story “offensive”?

Not. worth. it.

Several of my friends are turning off their social media accounts completely. They definitely seem happier. Definitely food for thought. I find value in the sewing/quilting groups I belong to on FB. Wonder if there’s some way I can access the content without FB? Worth looking into.