My top 3 reasons to participate in a virtual sew along or quilt along.

I’m currently a participating in the Lori Holt Quilter’s Cottage sew along sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop. This is my third Lori Holt quilt project and my second “in real time” sew along. Bee Patriotic was my first experience. I had fun and learned a lot.

Participating in a sew along isn’t hard, but it does require a little advance work on your part. Time spent gathering materials and pre-cutting/organizing the pieces means all you have to do is grab that week’s baggie and start sewing. Take a picture and post your progress to FB or IG when the week’s task is complete. Oh, and be sure to use the official sew along hashtags!

Benefits of participating in a virtual sew along:

  1. Social interaction and inspiration with like-minded individuals.
    Let’s face it. We’re all still kind of stuck at home. Some quilt shops might be open, but very few in my area have resumed in-person classes. There’s a Lori Holt FB group that is most helpful if you have any questions and several groups on IG serve as an outlet for show & tell.
  2. Learn new skills.
    Making those Bee Patriotic blocks in 6″ sizes was a stretch project for me, as was sewing the project using only my stash.
  3. Accountability.
    Knowing I’m supposed to make certain blocks each week helps keep me on task. I actually accomplish a lot more when I know I’ll be posting weekly updates to IG and a picture of the completed top to the FB group.

Since this SAL was scheduled to start right as the new school year begins, I spent a couple of days locating background fabric and pulling fabrics from my stash. I also took the time to cut all of the first 4 weeks worth of blocks. Now that the rest of the fabrics I need have arrived, I’ll cut the remaining blocks.

Does a virtual sew along sound like fun? If so, join me for Lori Holt’s Flea Market Flowers, scheduled to being January 2021.