Important: Support your local sewing & quilt shops

If you want to continue to have the privilege of fondling fabric in person, then you need to spend some money at your local sewing and quilt shops. That’s the only way these independent shops can continue to stay in business.  Just think – your favorite shop might not be there the next time you plan a shopping trip.

Case in point:  There are no quilt shops along my route from Smyrna to Blue Ridge, GA. Wait what? Yep, it’s true. There used to be quilt shops in Jasper, Ellijay and Blue Ridge that I would stop at on my way to visit friends in Blue Ridge.  No more!

Five years ago, I had at least six different quilt shops within a 20 minute drive of my home. Yes, I was spoiled! Now, there are TWO.  One closed due to the owner’s retirement, while the remaining shops simply closed their doors.  I imagine we’ll eventually be down to one full-service quilt shop on my side of town. This stinks, by the way!

Yes, new quilt shops have opened; however, they are far north and south of the city.  With traffic, you really have to plan for a half a day just to go visit a couple of shops. Today, I went to The Cotton Farm in Roswell where I picked out the background fabric needed for the upcoming virtual Lori Holt Quilter’s Cottage SAL.  I purchased all she had, but still needed two yards, so I drove 30 minutes out of my way to a shop that also carries Riley Blake fabrics. My thinking was they might have the extra yardage I needed.

Not today.! There was a line of  quilters outside the store waiting to get in. This shop strictly adheres to a set customer limit inside the shop at any given time. I went to Subway, got lunch and walked back over to the shop. Fifteen minutes later and the line still hadn’t moved. At this point, I went home and promptly ordered the 2 yards of fabric from Fat Quarter Shop. I may very well have to wait a 2-3  weeks to get my fabric, but at least it’s been ordered.

Upon checking my email, I also discovered that a shop in my area was starting up a Lori Holt Club and would be doing an in-person Quilter’s Cottage SAL. Today’s excursion made me realize I’m still not comfortable with the idea of attending a sew-in with a bunch of people I don’t know, so I’ll be doing the virtual Quilter’s Cottage SAL with the Fat Quarter Shop.