There’s no room for politics in my happy place

If a sewing or quilting related company wants to issue a politically correct statement at this time, by all means go for it. But PLEASE disable the commenting. It’s getting vicious. Also realize that no matter what you do, there are those within the craftivism community who will NEVER be satisfied because they’ll claim you still haven’t done enough. And in your quest to be inclusive, don’t become so exclusive that the ones who’ve kept you in business all these years no longer feel valued.

Politics has no business in my sewing room. I deal with that stuff every day at school. My sewing room is my happy place. I sew to relieve stress. I make quilts for charity. Believe you me, the recipient isn’t going to refuse it because a white lady made it and the some of the fabric may have come from Hobby Lobby.  

So for now, I will be muting FB and Twitter. IG will be be open only when I post for the QALs in which I am participating.