Older sewing machines are worth rescuing!

“I’m at the warehouse,” read the text message from my coworker.

She was at our school district’s behemoth warehouse looking for tables. In a flash, I receive photos of several sewing machines that she’d discovered. One of the high schools had disbanded its interior design program (aka home economics) when the supervising teacher retired. Several of the machines had been sent to the warehouse as surplus.

“Tag the Janome and the blue Brother,” I replied.

Both machines arrived at school a few days later. They were in sad shape. The Brother was immediately pronounced DOA as it was seized up.  The Janome, on the other hand, was a different story. While filthy and obviously neglected, I was still able to make decent stitches by simply advancing the hand wheel. I immediately ordered a replacement foot pedal/power supply, extension table and thread guide.

With the new parts, the machine sewed well enough to be used during Friday clubs. Clubs are now a thing of the past, so the question became, “What to do with this one?” I decided to keep her. I spent time servicing and cleaning her up today. What a difference! I could not believe all the crud that was under the bobbin area – broken needles, extreme lint and thread wrapped around the gears.

My FW maintenance class served me well. I have confidence in my ability to service my own machines and most of the tools already on hand to fix minor problems I encounter during a service. Is the service perfect? Oh definitely not!  However, said machine now sews beautiful stitches with very little noise. Besides, I can always take the machine to the mechanic  if it’s beyond my abilities.